Here you'll find some exclusive content written for this site by Journalists and people actually involved in the Konix project in one way or another.

Craig Vaughan

Craig Vaughan

Author of the excellent (darn him!) Retrogamer article that really piqued peoples interest once again in the Multi-system.

Craig has written an article just for us describing how and why he came to write about the Multi-system and has described the efforts he went to to find the information. It spookily parallels my efforts (but he got paid for it - where did I go wrong? ;)

He has also very kindly provided the full text of his article which included segments that had to be cut for brevity. They get their public release here for the first time. One of the most interesting omissions is an interview with John Matheison one of the 3 members of Flare and a very significant figure in the development of computers and games machines of the era.

Craig's Konix adventure
Retrogamer Konix Multi-system article - the missing paragraphs

Simon N Goodwin

Simon N Goowdin

Programmer, Author - what doesn't this man do?

Simon wrote the clever technical stuff in the ACE article that really went to town on the Multi-system, he produced the diagrams that show as effectively as a thousand words could how the Multi-system worked. He has a very strong technical background and as such is immensely qualified to comment on the architecture of the machine.

Here are his very in-depth thoughts and memories of the machine.
Simons technical analysis of the Multi-system

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

A veteran of the amusement and video games industry and past Walt Disney Imagineer. Kevin is the founder and director of the out-of-home interactive entertainment consultancy KWP Limited, and writes columns for a number of the leading trade publications in the amusement and parks sector. He also presents a number of papers and seminar workshops on amusement and attraction development. KWP is the owner of the leading out-of-home interactive entertainment eNewsletter The Stinger Report.

Kevin has an insider's view of the trials of developing a game for the Konix Multi-system and has kindly recorded his recollections for us.

Kevin's comments on managing the Konix development at DeGale