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Almost a revolution

Wyn Holloway and Jon Dean - while the dream was still alive The hook that caught our interest - The infamous and impressive 3D spinning cube demo The Slipstream controller that was the basis of the Multi-system - it was the shape of things to come in 1989 The Brains behind the Electronics The Slipstream (Multi-system) custom processor A Multi-system Devkit - there are at least 20 of these in existance. Where are they all now?

Almost 20 years ago, a machine arguably as significant as both the Nintendo Wii for its innovative and revolutionary controls and peripherals and as powerful as a Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 for both sound and graphics capabilities was being produced by a small Joystick manufacturer in Wales in Great Britain.

This website details the epic struggle of this manufacturer led by its charismatic and visionary boss Wyn Holloway to secure funding to take his concept of revolutionary controls paired with the amazing power of Flare Technologies 'Flare One' computer concept and their attempt to take on the might of Sega and Nintendo to try to launch what could have been the best Games machine in the world.

If they had succeeded, the face of video games could have changed forever.

The Attention to Detail Developers running a prototype of Tunnels of Doom, possibly one of the greatest missed opportunities in the whole Konix story One dream too far, the incredible Konix Power Chair. This is what most people remember about the Konix Multi-system When the Press are on your side the world is your oyster – you’d better deliver on your promises though when you’re setting near impossible goals The Konix Multi-system chipset ‘Slipstream’ was used later in this internet set top box. Not quite what we’d hoped for… One of the games that would have made the world take notice – Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989 by Jeff Minter. Flare sold their technology to Bellfruit for use in machines such as this - there are now emulators for this machine so you can get an idea of what a Flare one / early revision Multi-system would have been like to play