Power Chair found

I have been approached by a reader of this website who has let me know that he owns a Power Chair. This was quite a protracted process that has been building up to the final release of the information I had hoped for: A real Konix Multi-system Power Chair does exist.

This chair is owned by someone who wises to remain anonymous. He has no desire to sell it so don't even think about bugging me for the guys contact details. I don't know who he is in real life or where he is from. All I do know is that there is irrefutable proof that he has a Power Chair. I don't know where we go from here. It would be nice to think that one day it may be able to be loaned to a reputable museum for an exhibition - although I can understand that the owner probably wouldn't want to let it out of his hands. This is after all the only known Power Chair to still exist - and there weren't that many of them built in the first place.

How did he come by it - well, quite simply, it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
The chair was on display in Harrods department store in London. This was probably a promotional device readying the public for the (unbeknownst to Harrods) failed launch. The chair was displayed with a dummy console.
The console was thrown out - but the chair was sold and this person was the lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time to buy it.

I don't know how much he paid, and don't pester me to find out - it's his prerogative to keep that private.

If I ever get the dev-kit running, you can be sure I will be contacting the Power Chair owner to see if he wants to try hooking up the dev-kit to the chair to 'Experience the reality'.