The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Manchester United FC - Krysialis

Manchester United FC

A football game which mixed arcade action and some management elements. There are no screen shots of the Konix version known to exist - although I'm sure that there wouldn't have been much difference from the Atari ST version. This isn't the sort of game that offered much scope for great developments in graphics at that time.

Computer football games aren't my cup of tea, so I can't comment too much on this one.

I'm not even sure if Manchester united were considered the best team or at the top of the league in 89, but I'm sure it was quite a good license to go for. In Europe this game would have faired well. Of course, come an American release something along the lines of John Madden football would probably have taken it's place.

Not a game to stretch the KMS - however if you're ticking off boxes regarding what games should be available for launch of a machine (and Konix certainly were) then this one ticked the Sports game box.


Manchester United FC - Image 1 Manchester United FC - Image 2

Not a lot to show unfortunately, these pictures come from the Atari ST version and give some idea of what type of game it was if you are unfamiliar with it. Nothing the Konix couldn't have handled.