The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Run the Gauntlet - Ocean

Run the Gauntlet

An interesting multi discipline motor sports game. The $6 million question is, would it have used the Slipstream controls?

It looked like a top-down SuperSprint style game, but if it had that extra element of being able to be controlled in the appropriate mode then it may have been a real hit on the Konix, and if you had an Ocean game that proved to be a hit, just think of the potential of Ocean seeing it as a great opportunity to revamp their huge back catalogue of great games and port them to the KMS.

Run the Gauntlet had been a hit on other machines and so should have worked really well on he Multi-system. It was probably a much safer initial game than a formulaic film license.

It allowed you to race in 9 events: Jet skis, Hovers, Speedboats, Meteors, Buggies, Inflatables, Super cats, Quads and The Hill.

So, at first glance - a slightly obscure choice in the face of more obvious games in Ocean's back catalogue like all the Sega arcade conversions of Operation Wolf, Afterburner, Outrun and Space Harrier etc. Which would have all have been natural first choices, however if Ocean made full use of the KMS specific controls, then this could have been a pivotal game in deciding the KMS's post launch success.

I'm sure people were keeping a close eye on this one.

It was rated a Crash Smash at 90% on the Spectrum.


Run The Gauntlet - Image 1 Run The Gauntlet - Image 2 Run The Gauntlet - Image 3 Run The Gauntlet - Image 4 Run The Gauntlet - Image 5 Run The Gauntlet - Image 6 Run The Gauntlet - Image 7 Run The Gauntlet - Image 8

The variety of screenshots (unfortunately none are known to exist for a Konix version) show that this game would have been a colourful and fun addition to the line-up, but there wouldn't have been much scope for the Konix to stretch it's legs graphically. For a launch title it would have been expecting too much to hope that the developers would have attempted anything other than a straight port. Of course it would have been quite interesting to see what the Konix could have offered - maybe early SNES mode 7 style effects would have worked in this game?