The Konix Multi-system Games

Here are the know games that were either in development for the Konix Multi-system or had been planed to be. Some have screen shots from magazines and some have videos provided with kind permission of Jon Dean (the guy that actually filmed them). Please don't distribute or re-produce these videos as they remain Jon Dean's Copyright.

Sports Simulator - Konix Software

Sports Simulator

I really haven't got a clue what this game would have entailed. Hopefully it would have been a multi-discipline game along the lines of Decathlon. I'm speculating that it may have used the pedals for running feedback (as suggested in the press release).

No pictures exist, and no developer has been named, so it's dangerously close to vaporware. I would suggest that this was a speculative title which would have been quickly programmed by someone who Jon could readily lay his hands on. Possibly the ATD team? Of course this is complete rumour mongering, and I have no basis for this... so take with a pinch of salt.

The question is, would this title have sold? Well it depends entirely on the sport in question, there are a multitude of sports games categories that have an incredible niche - you've got to think about games that could make use of the controls and the only relevant controls I can see would be the gun (for Olympics style marksmanship) the pedals for running and maybe the handle bars for bob sleigh. I guess you could rock the yoke back and forth to simulate a rowing action - but it would need to be securely fastened to a desk!

Wii, Move and Kinect have all proved that you can now enjoy simulating a variety of sports at home using a physical proxy of the action entailed in the real sport. These games are still quite a niche.
I can't see the FIFA franchise completely abandoning the finesse that a joypad's control scheme affords in favour of body tracking; and, to be honest, I think if you're going to be running around your living room pretending to play football, you may as well be really playing football outside (although I do have a personal bias against sports games - but that's just my preference).


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